sábado. 20.04.2024

The ninth, NOVEMBER.

Darkness between the night lights, the Great Square of Pegasus, which sinks into the Atlantic, and the brilliant Taurus and Orion, emerging from the Mediterranean.

But we are able to see something. It’s 11 o’clock at night on the first day of this month. Aries (ch, 18), underneath Andromeda and to the left of Pisces, has its horns near the latter, with the two most brilliant stars: HAMAL (the sheep), at three hands over Guijo de Galisteo, and SHERATON (the sign), at a little over three hands and a little to the right.

Between Aries and Andromeda is the Triangle (ch.18), whose principal star is METALLAH or CAPUT TRIANGULI (the head of the Triangle), a little less than three and a half hands, and to the right, of Villa del Campo. At a similar altitude, but to the left of Guijo de Galisteo, and not far from one of the fish, is M33, the third galaxy most visible of the Local Group, to which out Milky Way belongs.

And the last constellation of this month: Perseus, (ch, 9), Andromeda’s liberator, which is now underneath her and to the left of Aries. Two stars stand out, ALGENIB (the side), also known as MIRFAK (the elbow), at a little under three hands and half way along the path between Robledillo de Gata and Torrecilla de los Angeles, and ALGOL (the devil), at three hands above Hernan-Perez. This constellation has a famous double cumulous called THE SWORD’S HILT, and formed by NGC 869, a little more than three hands above Torre de Don Miguel, and NGC 884, close to its companion, but a little below.

And so we are approaching the end of the year…

VI. November in the Sierra Sky