sábado. 13.04.2024

“Or someone may give me a star….” (Elke Lasker-Schüler)           

The month of the goddess Maya, associated by the Romans with fertility and maternity

On this last excursion we will start with a meteor shower, the ETA-ACUARIDS (ch. 13). It will be best seen at the end of the night of the 4-5th, for example, at around 6 in the morning, the star ETA-AQR will be about a hand above Villa del Campo.

And now, as usual, we return to the 1st, at midnight

The last, remaining zodiacal constellation to be visited is Libra (ch. 19). Her ZUBENELGENUBI (the southern pincer) is to be found at about a hand over Morcillo.

ZUBENELSCHAMALI (the northern pincer) and ZUBENELAKRAB (the scorpion’s pincer) are both a little to the right of Guijo de Coria, the first a little over a hand and the second a little less.

From the Berenice’s Hair (ch. 23), in v-form, we will only notice DIADEMA, a little to the left of Calzadilla and a little over 3 hands.

The Boyero (ch. 5), in the form of a comet, has one of the most brilliant stars of the firmament, ARCTURUS (the bear’s guardian), at a little less than 3 hands above Guijo de Galisteo. Although this is a large constellation, its other stars are not as bright, so we shall only mention IZAR (the belt), a little to the left of Pozuelo de Zarzón and a little over 2 and a half hands.

Under the boyero (Boötes) we can see the pretty seven stars of the Corona Boreal (ch. 23), of which GEMMA or ALPHEKKA (from the Arabic “the most brilliant on the plate”) stand out, at a little over 2 hands and slightly to the right of Santibañez el Alto.

And so we return to the beginning of our long journey, at the start of the summer months, whose skies we have already visited.

And so the circle closes.

And it’s time to go home.

Thank you for your company during these months, and, as always, may strength accompany us.

Xll. May in the Sierra sky